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Welcome to Nice Style Group of Companies

Originally founded as Nice Style Travel Co., Ltd. in 2011, Yangon, the company started operations as a travel management company with official licenses from the Ministry of Hotel & Tourism, Myanmar (KHA – 1477), Myanmar Tourism Marketing and International Air Transport Association (IATA) respectively. Nice Style Travel provides travel services like: Air Ticket, Accommodation Service, Transportation Service, Visa Service, Leisure Travel Arrangements, Corporate/Business Travel Management and Meetings & Incentives Travel Arrangement.

Our Group

Through an accelerated growth strategy, Nice Style Travel expanded and upgraded into Nice Style Group of Companies and diversified into the fields of Education, Trading & Food & Beverage services. Our Group now comprises the following business units, each with its own management team and independent operations:

Tourism :

Food & Beverage :

Education :

Trading :

Cooking Oil

Mission / Culture & Core Values

Our Culture

  • Professional

  • Accurate

  • Responsive

  • Transparent

  • Flexible

Our Mission

To provide a unique travel experience for everybody fulfilling their travel needs and shaping their travel dreams in a sustainable, honest and transparent way based on our knowledges, experiences and creativity.

Our Values

  • Service is our most valuable thing of us.

  • Convenient of customers.

  • Satisfaction of our customers.

Our Slogan


Our mascot “Hinthar Bird” which represents the young team of Nice Style Travel is very simple with the meaning of royalty, prosperity, and endearment.

Each stroke of the Hinthar represents the growth of “HinThar”.

Smile, Share & Shape

The first stroke represents "Smile”, the orange one, a pleased expression of human beings, the main objective of Nice Style for all their customers. 

The second stroke represents "Share”, the purple one, the journey may end but the happy memories never fade. Sharing happy memories and knowledge together to bring smiles together. 

The third and final form represent "Shape”, the blue one, representing a “Hinthar bird”. Shaping the best journey of our life, to share together friends and family, with smiles on everyone faces.

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