Corporate Travel/ Business Travel

Best Saving

You will experience in spending less money than you planned because our highly skill, knowledge and experiences can search various ways to be the lowest price with the best route for our clients. We will offer with three options including promotion before you purchase rather than you request with specific airline.

Travel Policy

We can provide guidelines and explain clearly about your ticket’s travel policy such as refund policy, date change policy, baggage policy and others important regulations before issue the ticket. It makes you reduce waste costs.

Flexible workflow

One of the most notable of us is flexible workflow for purchase. Our clients can contact us 24/7 for their urgent matters or simple inquiries as all of our sale departments have hotline and we can assist you whenever you need help from us. There are various types of payment methods and payment terms will be depends on the contracts between us.

Credit Line

We can offer credit terms and patrons are able to negotiate upon their request for payment.

One stop shop

Nice style is the place where multiple services are offered. Clients can get all travel need in just one place.

Account Management

At the end of the each month, we will provide monthly statement for all purchases within one month. Monthly statement will be sent according to customers request such as different department or attention person only or just for individual. Furthermore customers can get sale reports that are showing which sectors were mostly gone and which airline were mostly used.

Fastest Services

We are assured that we are able to provide fastest services for customer inquiries.
Long haul will be replied within -------------- min and short haul will be replied within 10 min. For the person who wants to inquiry about Tour packages will be replied within ------------ min.

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